Downhill Christmas

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Downhill Christmas Downhill Christmas

Downhill Christmas is a funny winter sport game. The main character is Santa Claus, who skis down the snow mountain. On the road he collects gifts and faces snowmen. There is power-ups like boots which increases speed with gifts score and stars which makes unbeatable for 8 seconds. Volumetric world of the game with beautiful landscape makes magical Christmas atmosphere. Try to collect as much gifts as possible.

{ "id": "ctl-downhill-christmas", "name": "", "description": "", "tags": [], "url": "", "thumbnail": "", "controls": [ [{"pad":1,"keys":[{"key":"ArrowLeft","keyCode":37,"name":"←","color":"red","typeName":"Key"}, {"key":"ArrowRight","keyCode":39,"name":"→","color":"red","typeName":"Key"}],"typeName":"Control"}, {"pad":1,"keys":[{"key":"ArrowLeft","keyCode":37,"name":"←","color":"red","typeName":"Key"},{"key":"ArrowRight","keyCode":39,"name":"→","color":"red","typeName":"Key"}],"typeName":"Control"}, { "pad": 5, "keys": null, "typeName": "Control" }, {"pad":4,"keys":null,"typeName":"Control"}]], "typeName": "Game" }
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